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Genius Needs An Audience
A brilliant character who feels the need to show off.
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Alt. Title: Needs An Audience

"That's the frailty of genius, John. It needs an audience."

A character is incredibly good at whatever it is they do, and every once in a while they feel the need to show it off in some way. Whether or not the audience has any idea what he is doing is optional.

Supertrope to Evil Gloating, when a villain decides to flaunt the brilliance of his Evil Plan. A villainous example of this trope probably has Pride as their Fatal Flaw.

Contrast Doing It for the Art and For Science!, where any showing off is a side-effect of doing it for the sake of doing it. Frequent use of this trope is a sign of the Insufferable Genius, but they can be distinct; the Insufferable Genius loves to hear himself talk, while this character loves to hear other people talk about him, or at least stare at him in silence.

When the talent in question is crime, this can overlap with The Sandiego. Compare and contrast the Attention Whore, who seeks to draw attention to themself rather than their ability, though the two can certainly overlap.

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