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Knocked In The Nose
A character gets whacked in the nose, either by accident or in a fight scene.
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Although a lot of people have damage sustained to them in the eyes, groin, mouth, feet, or fingers, another common area of the body to get hit is in the nose. It can come from a Rake Take, getting hit by the door, or getting punched or slapped in the face by someone. This is often intended for Rule of Funny, as getting hit in the nose can be pretty embarrassing, because aside from the teeth, the nose can also get broken pretty easily.

As a common variation, the character hit in the nose will talk in a nasal tone for a while (usually complaining about how his/her nose hurts).

Subtrope of Amusing Injuries.


  • In the live-action Garfield film, this happens thrice to Garfield, first when he is hitching a ride on the back of Liz's pickup and he ends up slamming into the back window when she hits the brakes, the second time when he is sent flying while in the vents until he runs into the vent wall, and the third time when he and Odie are confronted by Happy Chapman, who pushes a row of suitcases down as one of them falls off the shelf and lands in front of Garfield and Odie. All those times, he complains about his nose hurting.
  • Detective Jake Gittes ends up with a nasty wound on his nose in Chinatown, which leads to Detective Loach to quip, "What happened to your nose, Gittes? Somebody slam a bedroom window on it?"
  • Jerkass Johnny C. waits in ambush outside Mawby's bar for dancer Alex Owens in Flashdance. When fry cook Richie attempts to defend Alex, Johnny's mook pops Richie in the snoot, drawing blood. Later, at Jeanie's ice dancing performance, Richie uses his injury to inflate the age of Alex's new beau, Nick.
    Richie: Breakin' noses, that was a big thing back in the Fifties, wasn't it?
    Nick: (affably) Sixties.


Live-Action TV
  • The Brady Bunch could be the Trope Codifier, given the infamous scene of Marcia getting struck in the nose with a football, which itself has been parodied and spoofed many times in fiction since then, including the The Film of the Series.
  • In The Big Bang Theory, Amy and Bernadette are about to come to blows in defence of Sheldon and Howard. Penny tries to intervene, but Amy inadvertently punches her in the face, damaging her nose.
  • Ann Romano from One Day at a Time arrives at the emergency room after getting word that her daughter Barbara had been hurt at a football game. The ER physician informs Ann that her daughter had been hit in the nose by an errant pass, which makes Ann squick. The doctor then assures her that he was able to mold the nose back into place, which causes double squick. Although One Day at a Time was structured as a female empowerment series, it still plays a number of femininity tropes straight, including Beauty Is Never Tarnished.
  • M*A*S*H. In, "Operation: Noselift," Hawkeye, Trapper, and Radar use this as a diversion for having a plastic surgeon in camp to give a corpsman a nose job: Trapper and Radar play catch in the Compound, and Radar fakes getting struck in the nose by Trapper's pitch to throw Margaret and Frank off the trail.
  • In the Sherlock episode "The Empty Hearse", Sherlock thinks it might me fun to surprise his friend John Watson, who for two years has been under the impression that Sherlock is dead. But John doesn't find that funny at all, and punches Sherlock's face. Three separate times during that evening. One of the punches results in severe nose-bleeding.

Web Comics
  • In Problem Sleuth, this is a Running Gag, usually accompanied by the command "Punch X in the snout to establish dominance."

Western Animation
  • Tempting Fate, Miss Sawyer from Cats Don't Dance replies to Tillie Hippo, "Yeah, right. Like the cat of my dreams is going to come right through that ..." At that moment, her boss, Farley Wink, flings the door open in Sawyer's path. Though the impact was obscured, it's heavily implied from the flurry of documents and Tillie's horrified expression that Sawyer took the impact right in the puss. Being a cat, however, she feigns nonchalance about it.
  • The Classic Disney Short "The Lone Chipmunks" have Chip and Dale attempt to capture the outlaw Pegleg Pete. Their first effort fails badly, leaving Chip pretty wrecked. When Dale inquires, "Did ya get him?" Chip responds with a jab to Dale's nose, making Dale's nose pulsate with pain. In this case, the nose jab was the equivalent of a Dope Slap.

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