Fur Is Skin
Animals with fur, feathers, e.t.c., that looks like a human skintone.

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In some animated films, shows, and video games, the anthropomorphic animals, be they Petting Zoo People or Funny Animals have fur, feathers, scales, skin, e.t.c. that is either solid colored or look like human skintone colored and with hardly any markings but the non-anthropomorphic/less anthropomorphic animals are bicolor, tricolor, or have other various markings and patterns.

One variant is to have anthros have fur, feathers, or scales that look like human skin or actually just have human-like skin, as well as a normal head of hair atop it (sometimes, facial and body hair is added), in contrast to non-anthro/less anthro animals, which do not. In this variant, the non-anthro or less anthro animals can either have makings or be solid-colored without seeming human-skintoned. This variant is a popular choice when designing Petting Zoo People in juxtaposition with normal animals.

Another variant is for anthropomorphic animals to be solid colored, but without it looking like a human skintone. The non-anthro/less anthro animals in this variant tend to have various markings on their fur, feathers, scales, skin, e.t.c. This variant is a sometimes used when designing Funny Animals in juxtaposition with normal animals.

Yet another variant is to have the more anthropomorphic version of one character to have fur, feathers, or scales that look like human skin or actually just have human-like skin, and the less anthropomorphic version to either have makings or be solid-colored without looking like a human skin tone.

Sometimes, the anthro animals have a head of hair, either regardless of gender or depending on gender, but non-anthro or less anthro animals lack one. Sometimes, the anthro animals lack a head of hair just as much as the non-anthro/less anthro animals.

It gets really funky when Petting Zoo People wear makeup or get tattooed.

Subtrope of Funny Animal Anatomy. Related to Through a Face Full of Fur.



  • Badger from the Disney adaptation of The Wind in the Willows looks furless and has a light human-like skintone and a white beard, but still has the facial markings of a badger, whereas Badger in the original story and and in other adaptations looks slightly less anthropomorphic, had a tail, and was furred like a normal badger.

Video Games
  • Many characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series play with this trope to some degree or another. Many of the characters have apricot human-skintone muzzles, bellies, and arms and Rouge the Bat has apricot human-skintone body and muzzle and a white head.

Western Animation
  • In Arthur, Sue Ellen the Petting Zoo Person cat has red hair and solid peach fur over the rest of her body, but Nemo the normal pet cat is black and white with a bicolor pattern.
    • Basically all the anthro animals are human skintone colored or otherwise solid colored, whether or not they have a head of hair, facial hair, or human-like body hair.
    • Subverted with Arthur's pet dog, Pal, who is solid colored.
  • The Funny Animal bears in The Berenstain Bears are all light brown furred, but the normal animals tend to have various markings.
  • The Funny Animal pigs in Olivia have various human-like skintones, but no head of hair, but the normal animals (except Edwin the black furred pet cat of Olivia) tend to have various markings.
  • Gadget Hackwrench of Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers is peach-colored has no real hints of fur on her body at all whereas Chip 'n Dale and Monterey Jack have markings on their fur.
    • But she does have a full head of strawberry-blond '80s Hair.
  • In the Alvin and the Chipmunks cartoons, the Chipmunks and the Chipettes are both peach colored, but the Chipettes look like they just have peach colored skin and have human-like head hair. The Chipmunks still look like they have fur, however.

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