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Razor Sharp Name
The name of a work or character which is taken from some sort of blade.
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Simply put, a list of titles and names which are taken from some sort of bladed item, such as a sword, razor, knife, saw, etc. In action-oriented stories, blades weapons invoke a sense of badassery, skill, and the relentless ability to cut through things that stand in their way. When someone is armed with a sword in fiction, you know they're a Badass. A title named after a blade is meant to invoke some or all of these feelings, even if no actual blade appears. A character named after a weapon (such as Blade shown at right, from the film of the same name) is likewise meant to instill a sense of badassery.

In horror stories, blades instill a fear of being cut, stabbed, sliced, or hacked. Although guns are scary, they just don't invoke the same imminent fear. Blades hurt, and unlike a bullet, most people know what it's like to be at the business end of at least one sharp object in their lifetime.

Names which use words like "cut", "sharp" or "stab" also qualify.

May be invoked because Heroes Prefer Swords.

Title Examples:



Character Examples

Anime & Manga


  • Yep. Blade again.
  • And again, Knives from Scott Pilgrim.
  • Sword in A Man Called Hero.
  • Once more, The Shredder. It's even lampshaded.
    Donatello: The Shredder?!
    Michaelangelo: Maybe all that hardware's for making cole slaw.


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