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Deliberately Terrifying
Someone who purposely tries to be Nightmare Fuel.
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This person tries to be pure Nightmare Fuel. Either successfully or unsuccessfully.

Their powers may be mundane, or fantastic in nature. Mundane means that the person practices a Slasher Smile, acts like a Complete Monster, puts a lot of effort into looking terrifying, or uses contrast between an innocent appearance and terrifying behavior. Fantastic versions usually involve, shadow powers, Mind Rape, Necromancy or the Power of the Void.

There are many reasons that someone might do this. Perhaps they feed off of fear (metaphorically or literally). It may be a tactic since terrified opponents make tactical mistakes. Perhaps their target is a Nightmare Fetishist and they are doing so because the target enjoys it.

Note that this trope isn't limited to villains. Heroes are perfectly free to engage in this as well.

Comic Books
  • The DC Universe villain The Scarecrow wears a scary looking costume and uses a poison gas that causes fear in his victims.
  • The Green Goblin from Spider-Man intentionally plays up the scary Halloween motif with Pumpkin bombs and a goblin mask.
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