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Universal Pet Names
Humans call their pets by the same name as the pets call themselves.
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Needs a better title, needs more examples.

In animal stories especially, pet animals' names are inexplicably universal. That is, what they call themselves is the same as what their owner calls them, despite certain language difficulties.

This may be explained by animals in such stories often being able to understand humans, so they may be able to understand what the humans are calling them. But if they were named by their parents when they were born, this makes no sense. Occasionally it is stretched even further by having the pet go through numerous owners, all of whom call it the same thing, despite not all having met.

Maybe an Enforced Trope due to too many names being complicated. Potentially justified if they are named after a particular physical feature.

  • All the dogs in Lady and the Tramp. Very obvious, because characters like Tramp had names before they were adopted by owners, and the owners just happened to choose the same name.
  • The animals in Bolt.
  • Perhaps averted in Black Beauty in the case of the titular character - despite the title, only one of his various owners ever calls him Black Beauty. His other names include Darky and Blackjack. However, we don't really know what he calls himself, given that it is narrated from first person and the other horses don't call him by name, so he could regard his name as being Black Beauty. However, Ginger definitely fits in with the trope, and so does Merrylegs.
  • The Fox and the Hound.
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