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The Guy Always Loses

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I've noticed a lot in a few sitcoms and comedies that the guy will ALWAYS lose to the girl. The trope in particular is for times where the guy was in the right, but he "loses" anyway. Bonus points for having the guy being portrayed as a douche afterwords. Example:

Husband and Wife have a fight over something. Husband proves himself correct. In a sitcom, this is usually played as a "FINALLY" moment. Wife cries; argument invalidated, husband loses.

  • One example that I can remember clearly is an episode of Big Time Rush where Kendall and his girlfriend, Jo, are trying to set up Carlos with a girl. Unfortunately, they both got him a girlfriend to hook him up with. The wacky shenanigans consist mainly of Carlos attempting to say that he will do something with one of the girls, followed by Kendall and Jo repeatedly yelling the names of the girlfriend they picked at Carlos. At the very end, Carlos picks. As it turns out, Carlos was completely confused by the constant yelling of names and picks the wrong one, Kendall's pick. This makes sense, Kendall and Jo's constant yelling confused Carlos. What happens? When Carlos tries to switch to Jo's pick, Jo says he can't date her and that he's stupid. Both of their picks agree, and all three girls storm off. Carlos was confused by the two of them equally, yet all three girls are now in the right. Somehow.
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