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Red Cheeks
A character gets slapped or gets a particularly nasty spanking
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A character gets their cheek(s) slapped. If they get slapped across the face, there will be a noticeable red hand print. This sometimes happens to a character when they get a spanking, but usually their entire butt will glow red.

It may be a case of Amusing Injuries.

Not to be confused with Luminescent Blush or High-Pressure Emotion.

This is actually somewhat Truth in Television but you'll have to hit someone hard enough and long enough before they start bruising but still... No Real Life Examples, Please!



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
  • In Urusei Yatsura this happens to Ran after her mother spanks her for something Lum did.

  • In K-On! Yui gets slapped by Azusa after she attempts to kiss her.
[[/folder]] [[folder:Video Games]]
  • Happens to Twinsen in the first Little Big Adventure game; if a white Grobo enemy hits Twinsen with an attack that knocks him unconscious, he'll be captured and a cutscene will play of Dr Funfrock interrogating Twinsen and slapping him across the face leaving a red mark. As you progress further into the game, a different version of the cutscene will play, with Twinsen looking more and more beat up each time.
[[/folder]] [[folder:Western Animation]]
  • This happens twice in one episode of Adventure Time when Finn and Jake slap the Ice King for his behaviour during a montage at his bachelor party.

Avatar: The Last Airbender has a variation of this. In second season episode "The Cave of Two Lovers", Sokka slaps his own face so many times it leaves a mark on his forehead. [[/folder]]
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