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Phlebotinum Pills
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Applied Phlebotinum in pharmaceutical format.

  • Step 1: Swallow Pill
  • Step 2: Engage with Plot

Possible manifestations of the trope could be: drugs which induce dreaming, a cure that must be taken every so often to stave off zombification, super vitamins, orally taken miracle cures, cyanide capsules, etc.

Do We Have This?


  • Limitless: A pill that unlocks your full potential. Nuff said.
  • The Matrix: "[That Red Pill] is part of a trace program." In other words, it allows you to get out of the Matrix.
  • Underdog's Power Energy/Energy Vitamin Pills.
  • Roger Ramjet's Proton Pills, which give him the power of twenty atom bombs for twenty seconds.
  • Related to (but not the same as) Food Pills.
  • Total Recall. While Doug Quaid is on Mars, a psychiatrist tries to get him to take a pill which will cause him to wake up back at Rekall. Quaid ends up spitting it out. The movie doesn't make it clear whether Quaid is hallucinating or not, so we can't be sure whether it would have worked or if it was just one of Cohaagen's tricks.
  • Champions adventure The Great Super Villain Contest. One of the NP Cs, the Dash, had Energy Pills that increased his Endurance by 100 points. He needed them because his super powers had high Endurance costs.
  • Classic Traveller had a number of wonder drugs in convenient pill form, including anagathics (stopped the aging process), fast drug (reduced speed and metabolism to 1/60th of normal), slow drug (act twice as fast as normal), truth drug (compelled truthfulness for 2 minutes), combat drug (improved Strength and Endurance) and several drugs that enhanced psionic ability.
  • Miraclo, the drug that gives Hourman superpowers for an hour in The DCU.
  • Panacea Pills that give Vita-Man (an Alternate Company Equivalent of Hourman) powers in Big Bang Comics.
  • The 'performance enhancers' that gave Demon superspeed and enhances strength and reflexes in Justice Machine.
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