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Two Continent World
A world map which consists of two large continents, usually side by side.
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So, you've just got out into the world, with a brand new, shiny map to explore. But that map looks awfully familiar... That's because many games have a Two Continent World. This usually involves an eastern and western continent with a small area of ocean in between. Sometimes the eastern one is a lot like our East, but not always. Note that it doesn't have to be just two continents, just that the main layout should be as above.


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  • A Song of Ice and Fire has all the action taking place on Westeros and Essos, separated by the Narrow Sea down the middle, which follow this layout perfectly.
  • The Tough Guide to Fantasyland states that the main part of the quest takes place on one continent, with a possible sidequest on the /Other Continent (which is inhabited by Other Continentalists).

    Video Games 
  • Golden Sun: The first game has you explore the continents of Angara and northern Gondowan (equivalent to Eurasia and Africa respectively). In the second, the sub-continent of Indra wedges itself between south Gondowan and Osenia (Australia), and while Angara is no longer reachable, you get to explore Hesperia and Atteka (North and South America, which were only hinted at in previous games).
  • World of Warcraft has the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, with Pandaria and The Maelstrom in the middle, and Northrend to the north.

    Tabletop Games 
  • The Forgotten Realms AD&D setting has only two continents: the big one, that has the Realms, Kara Tur and Al Quadim in it; and the other one, that has Maztica in it.

    Real Life 
  • In the late Jurassic era, Earth consisted of a northern continent, Laurasia (formed by North America and Eurasia) and a southern continent, Gondwana (formed by South America, Africa, Australia, Antarctica and India).
  • If you look at Earth from a north polar perspective then Eurasia and North America could count as this.
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