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Clean Your Room Aesop
A show tries to drive home that it's important to keep your room tidy.
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A Stock Aesop found mainly on children's shows, and also a plot. A character or characters have a messy room and learn a lesson when they find out how much easier things are for them once they have a tidy room. I searched and the closest thing I found to this was Trash of the Titans, but that just seems to describe someone whose room is in a constantly messy state or even vile - there's no aesop learned there.

Compare/contrast It Came from the Fridge, which has a similar lesson, aimed at adults, about cleaning the icebox, not because it's easier to find stuff, but because rotten food is bad for your health (and is out to get you).


  • In "Everything in Its Place" PB&J Otter'', Peanut, Jelly and Baby Butters' room is messy. They want to go on a boat ride with Mayor Jeff, but can't until they find the gear they need, which is buried in their piles of stuff. They clean the room as they sing the song "Everything in Its Place" and manage to find their life jackets and other gear.
  • In "Franklin is Messy" on Franklin, Franklin's messy room becomes a problem when he wants to play knights with his friends, but can't because he can't find his cardboard sword. He tries using a carrot in its place, but his friends call him "Sir Franklin of Carrot" and make him play the bait for the dragon because he doesn't have a real sword. His parents help him to clean up his room by organizing a system in which he can properly sort his stuff.
  • Arthur has "Arthur and D.W. Clean UP," in which Arthur wants to go to "Happy Crazy Wild Day," but he can barely find the soccer ball he needs in his room. Mrs. Read insists that he clean up and D.W. gets dragged into it too. The two are supposed to help each other, but she keeps trying to throw out his stuff and then he has to help her clean up her room before can go to Happy Crazy Wild Day, which he's missed most of, and he admits that he should have cleaned his room sooner.
  • The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room, in which Mama Bear's tolerance over cleaning up Brother and Sister's room wears thin and is on the verge of throwing everything away as junk. It took Papa to straighten everything out.
  • The very first cure in the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle series is "The Won't-Put-Away-Toys-Cure." The cure in question? The parents simply stopped telling their son to clean up his room. Eventually, the heaped-up toys trapped him inside. He was finally moved to clean everything up so that he could go outside and watch a circus parade.
  • In the Blaster's Universe episode "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow", Blaster's mom is tired of his room being a mess and forces him to clean it by the end of the day. After he and his friends G.C. and MEL visit the planet Moocowzia to look after themselves, Blaster gets home just in time to clean his room having learned how really messy a world can get if you never clean up.
  • In one episode of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin decides to clean his room by hiding all the mess under his bed. this attracts a monster named Crud, who has a fondness for filth, who builds a lair under the bed using the mess.
  • In a The Muppets book titled "What a Mess!: A Book About Cleaning Up," Scooter gets very annoyed when Skeeter won't clean up the room that they share. He eventually decides to do it himself, but wishes that Skeeter would help. On Kermit's advice, he lets the room go to pot, until Skeeter can't find anything anymore and realizes the value of keeping the room clean.
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