Marked Money

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Currency that has been treated in some way that allows it to be traced back to someone who used to own it.

This kind of money can be created either deliberately or accidentally.

  • In Astérix and the Cauldron, when the Romans are levying new taxes, the Gaulish chief Whosemoralsarelastix throws out a cauldron of onion soup, fills it with his people's savings, and brings it to the indomitable Gaulish village for safekeeping. Asterix, assigned to guard the cauldron, vows to insure the chief for all his sestertii, which becomes much harder after the money is stolen behind his back. After many misadventures, he ultimately succeeds at gaining money by robbing a tax collector, only to notice as he heads home that not only are there exactly enough sestertii to fill the cauldron, but they smell of onion soup.
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