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They Call Him The Weapon

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Situation whe somebody has a nickname or title that compares him to a weapon, often his Weapon of Choice. Large Ham, Bad Ass or similiar will like to announce this right after yelling his real name, especially during My Name Is Inigo Montoya moment.

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  • Koorgan Bloodaxe from Baldur's Gate II
  • David Gemmell's Druss the Legend is often called Druss the Axe, due to his weapon of choice being an axe.
  • , another enemy of Tekkaman Blade - Tekkaman Axe
  • There was also a norwegian king named Eric Bloodaxe.

  • Orgrimm Doomhammer of WarCraft lore.
  • Mordechai Jefferson Carver, The Hebrew Hammer
    • this troper never seen The Hebrew Hammer (though after reading the page, I want to) but I assume the name is a reference to Judas Maccabeus from The Bible, aka "Judas the Hammer".
  • Charles Martel means "Charles the Hammer".
  • Carol The Hammer Edmund Talbot's real idienty from Council Wars.

  • Simon from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann at some point started calling himself "Simon The Digger" or "Simon The Drill", depending on translation.
  • Spike on Angel. Originally it was said because he used railroad spikes to torture his victims. Later subverted: we find it was because someone said that he would rather have a rail spike driven through his head than listen to any of William's (Spike's pre-vamp name) poetry.
  • Piers Anthony's early Battle Circle novels: Sos the Rope, Var the Stick, Neq the Sword.
    • Why do I get the impression Piers Anthony wrote those after listening to Mack the Knife?
  • Another Tekkaman - Lance
  • Used several times in the Redwall books, such as the badger lords Sunflash the Mace and Orlando the Ax, as well as the series' first villain, Cluny the Scourge, who used his tail as a whip.
  • Scourge Of The Underworld from Marvel Comics.
  • There is a god in the Rift War universe called "The Shield of the Weak".
  • Real Life example is Attila the Hun, who was known as "the scourge of God".
    • As well as a danish pretender named "Harald Kesja", where "Kesja" is a kind of spear.
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