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Over-the-Top Rollercoaster
A roller coaster that reaches high into the sky and Beyond The Impossible.

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Roller coasters can be made extremely tall and complicaed with the technology available, so why not push it farther?

Often times they go so high that the riders take forever to get to the top, and once there, they're high above the clouds! (Or all the way in low Earth orbit!) This is purely a Rule of Funny (or Rule of Cool) trope, since this sort of thing could never happen in Real Life. (or can it?)

Compare Absurd Altitude.


  • One of the Phule's Company books takes place on a world whose hat is really liking rollercoasters, with an unfriendly competition between theme parks to build the one with the highest drop. Corrupt Politicians pass a law that no coaster can go higher than x off the ground (allegedly for safety reasons but really to preserve one park's claim on being the highest). Phule & co. build one bigger anyway - Ain't No Rule that the bottom of the rollercoaster's drop has to be above ground, so they build one where the drop ends in an underground tunnel.

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Video Games
  • Several theme park simulation games featured one of these on the box's cover art.

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