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Gay Cheerleaders
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This trope is quite simple really. If you have a group of cheerleaders, (at least) one of them is gay.

needs a better title.


  • Glee: Kurt.
    • Santana has recently outed herself, though only to Brittany.
    • And though it's not considered cannon YMMV in the fanbase on Quinn's true sexuality...
    • Brittany. Though, some may argue she's to stupid to realize...

  • Across the Universe: Prudence's first appearance in the movie is her in an (American) Football field at what appears to be cheer leading practice singing 'I wanna hold your hand' to a fellow Wildcats cheerleader.

  • {{But I'mACheerleader}}: is this trope personified.

  • Degrassi: Paige. ([[It's Okay If It's You: though only for Alex.]])

  • the [1] movies has both played it straight and subverted this trope.
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