Scarring Contest
Two characters compete to see who has accumulated the most impressive collection of scars.

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Scars Are Forever. They can indicate that someone is a Badass or has suffered through being abused or has survived some terrible illness. Some characters are Covered with Scars. So what happens when two such characters meet each other and want to show off their collections? We get a Scarring Contest.

This doubles as a form of Exposition: the characters will explain where each wound came from, so the contest can be considered an inverse of Cut Himself Shaving. Depending on where the scars are, it can also be played as Fanservice.

Sometimes Truth in Television for martial artists, athletes, and young children.


  • In Leverage, Eliot and his opposite number on another crew of thieves have this exchange at the end of the episode:
    Dayan (showing a scar on her chest): "Grenade. Somalia."
    Eliot (pointing to one on his arm): "Myanmar. Sniper."
    Dayan: "I was a sniper in Myanmar for a while."
    Eliot: ...
  • House has a long exchange with a CIPA patient, who can't feel pain. He shows off the scar on his leg, she counters with the burn marks all over the inside of her mouth, he raises the stakes with the constant fear of his pain meds destroying his liver, but that is matched by her having to constantly check her eyes to see if she's lacerated her corneas. House appears to win with "I got shot", until the patient pulls up her hospital gown to show him the scar from when she sat on a hot stove. Turns out he was goading her to do that so he could inject her with sedatives.
  • Used in Lethal Weapon, between Riggs and his love interest, and played for maximum Fanservice.
  • Miles Vorkosigan always wins such contests.
  • Mensur fencers, particularly in Austria during the 19th and early 20th century, would show off the scars acquired in their fights - some fencers deliberately cut themselves and/or badly treated their wounds so that their scars would be more impressive.
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