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The Emerald Horde

The Forces With Firepower of Celtic Europe

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Most Forces with Firepower pages deal with modern armies, but we do have notes for ancient militaries, in particular the Ancient Romans.

I'm thinking we will need a Useful Notes page for Celtic Europe, which would cover a vast time period from the Bronze Age and Iron Age Celts of Ancient Europe, through Medieval Ireland and Scotland, up to the Jacobite Wars, which crushed Scotland, the last of the free Celtic countries that fell to the English.

Now, we'd focus on the tactics of groups such as the Iberians, Gauls, Brythons, Picts, Gaels, and Welsh, as well as the independent domains of Ireland and Scotland in the Middle Ages. Modern Ireland's military is already covered and the Scottish and Welsh militaries are covered by the page on the British military.

Key weapons and tactics to focus on would be chariot warfare, the innovate Celtic Longsword of the Iron Age, famous weapons like the Claymore sword, Irish pike, shillelagh, and such.

Of course, there would also be the section on Celtic military leaders such as Vercingetorix, Boudicca, Brian Boru, William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, and Bonnie Prince Charlie.

I will need to do some research to actually flesh out this YKTTW page and make it acceptable for launch.

A possible alternate title could be "Celts With Claymores"
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