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Sheltering The Fugitive

A character decides to hide and protect another, chased by people who want him no good

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Steve Deadman's situation is dire. He is searched by The Government, wrongly accused of some crime, has pissed off The Mafia or happens to have something in his possession that some evil dude or organisation wants badly. His house is already watched around the clock, and at this rate "they" will find him sooner or later.

Fortunately, Steve has a friend living alone nearby, one who will surely understand his situation and help him to escape his ominous pursuers. If he his wounded, some unknown, kind-hearted bypasser may also find him and choose to treat and protect him, or Steve may bribe him to keep the secret if he is reluctant. After all, the helper also puts himself in danger. If they are eventually discovered, it may lead to a Darkest Hour.


Actually, I'm not sure whether Batman in My Basement covers this or not. There is the common premise of someone fleeing and hiding, but there are many elements and examples in BIMB that just don't fit here…


Anime and Manga:
  • Happens in several occasions in Fullmetal Alchemist. First when Knox accepts to treat and hide Lanfan and May Chang after the former lost an arm and the latter escaped from the Homunculi. Later, Ed, Darius and Heinkel are sheltered for a while by shady doctors (for a price).

  • The Diary of a Young Girl recalls how, for two years, a Jewish family hid in a secret annex in Otto Frank's former working place, helped by a few people from the outside. It didn't end well.

Video Games

Visual Novels:
  • In Rose Guns Days Season 1, Claudia hides Leo and Rose in her house just above her restaurant, when Caleb and his mooks put a reward on their head. Since she left club Primavera before Amanda took it over she can slip under their radar.

Real Life:
  • A few years ago in France, when Corsican nationalist Yvan Colona was searched for the murder of a prefect, several families hid him from the police, for several years. He has been arrested and convicted since then (although whether he really was the culprit remains unclear).

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    Film Animated
    • Vikings in Dreamworks' How To Train Your Dragon are taught from childhood that dragons should be "killed on sight." The chieftain's son, Hiccup, not only fails to kill a dragon, he nurses it back to health in a glen near the vikings' village.

    • Mike Wazowski and James Sullivan in Pixar's Monsters, Inc. harbor the human child Boo, despite a citywide manhunt for her, since she's been labelled a deadly contaminant.
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