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Abuse to Women is Funny
Women enduring physical harm that is played for laughs
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Based on a Nostalgia Critic review, the movie Good Burger could be this proposed trope's codifier: in short, when a female character ends up enduring physical harm (mostly slapstick), and it's all Played for Laughs.

  • Good Burger: Roxanne ends up in a neckbrace, and on crutches, all as a result of going out on a date with Ed; he pulls her chair out from under her, he hits her in the face with a golf club, hits her head with a golf ball, flips her own his head and onto her back... and all of it unintentional.
  • In the Pink Panther cartoon, "Super Pink", Pink Panther decides to become a superhero, though his attempts to repeatedly assist an elderly have near-fatal results, including flattening her when trying to help her move a boulder, and her being struck by a train when he moves her car off one train track and over to another track.
  • In the Hey Arnold! episode, "Hall Monitor", Phoebe, at one point, is trampled on by other kids hustling through the hallway, even by kids smaller than she is. She even remarks, "A second grader just stepped on my glasses, while I was still wearing them!"

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