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Cartography Sidequest
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A type of minigame within a game where you are rewarded for completing each map. Typically, the game will have a minimap that will fill in as the player explores them. Once the map is 100% complete, the player will typically receive some sort of reward.

On larger maps or games where the map only fills in small areas surrounding the player, this can quickly turn into Last Lousy Point for each and every map.


  • Star Ocean 3, which had huge maps and lots of little crevices you had to walk into to complete the maps. Most people only bothered for the really good rewards, if they bothered at all.
  • The DS remake of Final Fantasy IV has this sidequest given to you by NamingMappingway. Not only do you get rewards for each map completed, but you also get the Treasure Hunter augment if you complete them all.
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