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Turbocharged Turtler
Good at defense and evasion, not so good on attack.
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In video games some competitors are really fast and hard to hit, but go down with one punch. Others are easy to dodge, but one hit and you're gone.

Then there's this guy. He moves fast and can take blows without flinching, but his own strikes just don't have anything behind them. He may have a poor selection of attacks, and he probably relies on the Death of a Thousand Cuts, peppering you with weak blows until you keel over.

Subtrope of Stone Wall, which tends to have the toughness but not the speed (or be tough because he's fast). Compare Gradual Grinder, as well as Lightning Bruiser, which is a fighter who is fast, tough, and powerful, as well as the other common Competitive Balance types. Contrast the Glass Cannon, who has nothing but firepower.


[[folder:Comic Books]]
  • X-Men villain the Blob may qualify. Despite his girth he was by no means a slow mover, and because of his girth he was extremely hard to damage.

[[folder:Video Games]] Fighting Games

  • World of Warcraft:
    • Retribution paladins used to play like this in PVP. They had high defense and the ability to negate movement impairing spells cast upon them. More importantly they had strong self healing potential even in DPS mode allowing them to outlast almost any opponent. Sadly they were one of weakest damage dealers of all PVP DPS specs. Later expansions boosted Paladin damage and weakened their self heals in retribution mode, as paladins were complaining about being unable to kill anyone and everyone else was complaining about being unable to kill a paladin.
    • A Warrior in skilled hands can be described as a Stone Wall with a jet engine strapped to it. Their "charge" techniques allow them to close with a target quite rapidly.

Simulation Games
  • Terran military vessels in the X-Universe games are often this. While they're always very durable and tend to be a good bit faster than class average, their damage output is weak thanks largely to a poor selection of guns. Their heavy fighters have to use guns better suited to an interceptor, and their frigates rely on corvette-weight weaponry. As for the heavy capitals, their guns are about equal to the Commonwealth's in base damage, but the rate of fire is way lower.
  • MechWarrior: Living Legends has the Hephaestus hovercraft. It's fast, has pathetic weaponry, but the armor of a 60 ton main battle tank. It presumably gained the Fan Nickname "Hepatitis" by being so hard to get rid of.

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