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Homing Porcupines
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Needs More Examples, probably Needs a Better Title.

A specific kind of Mook found in videogames, appearing more often in classic sidescrollers from the 80s or 90s, which keeps a place in the minds of most gamers for the worst thoughts imaginable. Thoughts pretty much deserved, considering their cheap tactics.

A Homing Porcupine is an enemy that not only causes heavy damage to the touch, it basically makes Collision Damage its fighting style: get close to the player and grope him/her to death. Being extremely resilient/hard to hit, they render Mercy Invincibility almost useless, and by the time the player manages to kill them, chances are half of his/her lifebar was lost in the brawl. While there are many variants of this foe, most Homing Porcupines obey these 2 points:

In addition, Homing Porcupines usually meet several of the following criteria:

Often a form of Fake Difficulty, Homing Porcupines often, but not always, overlap with Goddamned Bats, but they are usually more threatening than annoying.

  • The Mega Man series are terrible offenders to this trope. Every enemy who doesn't shoot will attempt to grope him dead, and most of them will follow Megaman wherever he goes. Most Robot Masters and Mavericks from the X series also fall prey to this; they usually move extremely fast and often touch the player For Massive Damage because of the small size of the arena. Skull Man, I'm looking at you.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 has Phantos, a mask found in walls who not only is a Suddenly Harmful Harmless Object, but it's also indestructible and will chase the player at high speeds until he/she is dead.
  • The roaming ghosts in Silent Hill 4. Not only do they do damage to the player character, Henry Townshend, just by being near him, but they can also follow Henry throughout the level. The four boss ghosts--who are stronger than the regular roaming ghosts--all do serious damage to Henry by being near him, can attack him, can kill him, and, if not pinned to the ground by the requisite item, will follow him to other levels of the game, often in the company of more ghosts.
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