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Husband Housework Disaster

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Do We Have This One??

It's the moment every husband dreads: His wife is leaving him. Well, not quite. Maybe she has a job, or maybe she's taking a much-needed vacation, but either way, that means he has to do.... *dun dun DUN* The housework.

Naturally, he will protest. His friends will make jokes about him being emasculated. But, eventually, he will accept his fate. After all, he wants to be a good husband. So, he kisses his wife goodbye, she leaves, and then he prepares himself for his duty.

Cut to 10 minutes later. The floor is covered in garbage, there's stuff on the walls, the sinks/toilets/dishwasher/washing machine/all of the above are overflowing, and something is burning in the oven. In more outrageous shows, there might even be a wild animal in the house. The phone rings, it's the wife.

Wife: How are you, honey? Is everything okay?
Husband: Oh, everything's just fine! (the curtains catch fire in the background)

This is probably a Discredited Trope, but then again I don't watch many new sitcoms.

  • Numerous occurances on The Simpsons.
  • The Mork and Mindy episode "Mindy And Mork", although in this case he wasn't her husband (yet).
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