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Pirates. Villains of the seven seas, lovable rogues who rob other pirates, or what have you. Strong or handsome men, with ladies either afraid of or swooning over them...

...And then there's the Pirate Wench, a young girl or woman who clearly has no place in this tough world of men. Except she is either determined to show that she does, or is accepted by the roguish male crew without any apparent difficulty or explanation. Depending on age, may or may not be a Little Miss Badass; either way, usually an Action Girl. There are two types: the better type would be either cute or a Hot Amazon. The much, much more common type is the "bad girl".

Can be Truth in Television -- historically, a number of female pirates did plough the seas along with the men, sometimes rising to positions of authority. In the modern world, women might have a place on pirate ships depending on the local culture.

Not to be confused with what could be called a "Pirate Wench", a woman who sails *with* pirates, supporting pirates, perhaps as a Team Mom; it also has sexual connotations -- the woman on the ship that every man lusts after. In other words, it's not a pirate who is a woman; it's a woman who does "women's work" *for* pirates, perhaps along with providing eye candy.

Any little boy found on a pirate ship will half the time be this girl in disguise.

The Pirate Girl or Buccaneer Babe often has a Dark And Tragic Past detailing how she ended up in this position; abusive fathers who they are in a "Well Done, Son!" Guy relationship with seems to be a common theme.

A subtrope of Pirate.



[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
  • Revy from Black Lagoon is a modern-day female pirate.
  • The anime "Sol Bianca" features a pirate ship with an all female crew.
  • Almost every female character from One Piece. From the Straw Hats alone, we have Nami and Nico Robin. Also, Boa Hancock.
  • The titular character from Space Pirate Mito is an alien who is over ten thousand years old, but looks like a nine-year-old kid. She also has a Mail Suit that makes her look more like a human adult.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
  • The pirates in Y: The Last Man, as should be obvious from the comic's name.
  • El Cazador's main character becomes a pirate after another the pirate captain Blackjack Tom attacks the ship she's on, killing most of the passengers.
  • Batman foe Cap'n Fear had a buxom first mate named Annie.
  • Cixi joins an all-female pirate crew in her spinoff of Lanfeust, Cixi De Troy.
  • Ann Preston from the House of Mystery.
  • The most recent League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic 1910 features Captain Nemo's daughter Janni who becomes the "Pirate Jenny" of the song.

[[folder:Film]] [[/folder]]

[[folder:Literature]] [[/folder]]

  • Emilie Autumn has always had one pirate captain since the first Asylum tour in 2007. The first was Captain Vecona who was also the Asylum semstress and left the Bloody Crumpets after the first 2008 tour. The second was Captain Maggot who took over in fall 2008, she appears to be far more popular of a captain owing to her more pirate-y feel including being a drunkard who speaks like a pirate and having a costume that looks more like a pirate. She also is a cirus performer in the real world, during the tours she stilt walks and hula-hoops...Mind you EA's shows take place in a victorian asylum...

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]] [[/folder]]

[[folder:Tabletop Games]] [[/folder]]

  • There's a play called Scavenger Hunt (Aargh! Avast Ye!) which concerned a retired Pirate Lady and her daughter, who Sweet Polly Olivered her way on to a ship to search for a MacGuffin her mother and some friends had encountered in the past.
  • We can't forget Ruth, the piratical maid of all work, from Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance.
  • In The Threepenny Opera, Penny (or, in some productions, Polly) sings "Pirate Jenny," a revenge fantasy about a chamber maid who dreams of being a pirate queen.

[[folder:Video Games]] [[/folder]]

[[folder:Web Comics]] [[/folder]]

[[folder:Western Animation]]
  • Female members of La Résistance (which tends to call itself 'pirates') in Skyland.
  • On Muppet Babies, the kids pretended to be treasure hunters and encountered a trio of female pirates.

[[folder:Real Life]]
  • The infamous Anne Bonney, aka Anne of the Indies. She got her own movie, too, besides getting a guest shot in... I think it was The Spanish Main.
  • There where infact more than a few female pirates of note. All of these women where at least captains and all where openly women for at least part of their captaincy:
    • Grace O'Malley
    • Ching Shih (who was closer to a pirate Admiral given the number of ships she commanded)
    • Alvilda Daughter of the king of Gotland
    • Charlotte de Berry
    • Rachel Wall
    • Jane de Belleville

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