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Revenge of the Nerd pt 2
Nerd grows up and kills those who tormented them

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Needs a Better Title

This came from an issue I saw while Wiki Walking. Taken from the Batman Character Page for Scarecrow.

Revenge Of The Nerd: Took this to a murderous extreme (see Griggs and Squires incident detailed above).

Taken from Revenge Of The Nerd

An unbelievably hot woman appears to seduce the protagonist, but ends up humiliating and rejecting him. He then finds out she is the acne-ridden wallflower he ridiculed in High School all grown up, but still bitter.

If she's really pissed off, this plot can morph into Reunion Revenge.

Compare Something's Different About You Now, where he hits on her... only to find out she used to be a "he".

Not often seen gender-reversed, but it's not unheard of.

The use for Scarecrow is clearly wrong, but I'm curious as to why we don't seem to have a trope for someone who was bullied and grows up to be a serial killer. If we do, link me the trope and I'll fix the Batman page.
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