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Pre-Mature Award Acceptance

when somebody accepts an award before the winner is announce

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A character, perhaps a Small Name, Big Ego, has been nominated for an award. He's so confident that he'll win that when the winner is about to be announced, he'll come up on stage to accept his award before the winner is announced. And then the winner will end up being somebody else.

May lead to An Aesop about humility, though in many known cases it doesn't. Might be a spoiler trope.

Examples include:


Puppet Shows:
  • When The Muppet Show had an award show, Fozzie expected to win the award for "Best Bear Comedian". After all, he is the only known bear comedian on the show, so as the award is being announced, Fozzie comes on stage, expecting the award, only for the winner to be Billy the Bear, who previously had just been a generic Muppet bear.

Western Animation:
  • In The Looney Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie, Daffy constantly expects to win an Oswald Award. He's surprised that the winner is Bugs Bunny.

  • A non-awards show example comes in Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown expects to get a lot of valentines from the girls, so much that he brings a suitcase to put them all in (and as they are passing out valentines and he had not yet even gotten one he wonders if one suitcase was enough). He ends up not getting any on Valentines Day, but the girls end up feeling guilty about it and give him a used Valentine card the next day.
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