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A Wild Rapper Appears
A musical trope. A rapper sings for roughly 30 seconds in the middle of someone else's song.
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You're listening to a happy little Pop song, when suddenly, out of nowhere, some Rapper (that, most likely, nobody's heard of) gatecrashes the song to sing his own, seemingly improvised, attempt at poetry. Then, almost as suddenly as the Masked Man appeared, he disappears into the night, and the song goes back to normal.

It can be, but is not neccesarily, a rapping bridge. This is generally due to deals made by Record Companies, since they want to make the most money as possible. There was a similar practice in the early 1940's (which could be called A Wild Texan Appears), where a guy with a southern accent will suddenly start talking over the music without warning.

  • Friday, by Rebecca Black, is a well-known example of this trope.
  • Justin Bieber frequently has rappers do this in his songs.
  • Eminem frequently does this in other people's songs.
  • The Vincent Price Rap in the middle of Michael Jackson's "Thriller."
  • Subverted in "Rapture" by Blondie, although considered the Ur-Example. Instead of someone else rapping in her song, she does it herself.
  • Jenna Rose's song "My Jeans" has a rapper named Baby Triggy show up in the middle of the song.
  • Underneath It All By No Doubt.
  • E.T. by Katy Perry, which was fine on the album, but when the music video was released it had Kanye West doing a really lame rap in it as well.
  • Possibly inverted in Run-DMC's version of Walk This Way, which begins as a rap, then segues into a rock interlude courtesy of the original artists, Aerosmith.

Western Animation
  • The Phineas and Ferb episode "Spa Day" has a song with relaxing, lounge music, except for a completely out-of-the-blue rap tune interrupting it in the middle!
  • Total Drama World Tour: Harold interrupts some songs to start rapping, much to the others' annoyance.

Compare with Stealth Hi/Bye.

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