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Frail Girl
A girl who is physically weak and easily prone towards getting sick.
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Different from Ill Girl in that she isn't necessarily sick all time, but is more prone towards getting sick than the average person. She is usually small and thin, and also has limited strength and stamina. She may exist either as a main character who struggles with her condition, or is the (usually) little sister that the protagonist is protective of. Frail Boys likely do also exist, but are less common.


Real Life
  • Carrie Ingalls, the sister of Laura Ingalls Wilder of the Little House books.
  • Betsie Ten Boon, the sister of Corrie Ten Boom of The Hiding Place.
  • Margot and Anne Frank, the latter being the author of The Diary of Anne Frank.

  • Una Meredith of Rainbow Valley by L.M. Montgomery.
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