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Important College letters come in two sizes of envelopes
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I am not sure this is prevalent enough In fiction to be tropeable, Please comment.

Needs More Examples, Needs a Longer Description. I am open to ideas.

In high school, college is one of the greater worries of seniors. For many, higher education is the last step in becoming a mature adult. So applications are sent out. and then the waiting begins.

When the time comes, the college will send a written notice to the applicant. And then there will be only two outcomes:  He is either accepted, or rejected. An acceptance letter will be filled to the brim with information for the future student, while an rejection will only state the fact.


Anime and Manga

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  • Subverted in Veronica Mars when she gets a letter from Stanford. Before Veronica opens it, she says "This is pretty thin for an acceptance letter" before actually reading it and finding out she received conditional acceptance.

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