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Misleadingly Timed Screaming
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Birch Barlow (on the radio): I am going to make it my mission to see that our friend Bob is set free!
Bart, who was listening to the radio in class via headphones, screams after hearing that.
Crabappel: Well, despite your objections, the people of South Africa can now vote in free democratic elections.

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This is when the timing of someone's scream gives others the wrong impression as to what they were screaming about.


  • The Simpsons, of course, provides the example in the page quote and page image.
  • This happened twice to Carl in the Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius episode "Monster Hunt". First time, at a meeting, concerning the lake monster, with Jimmy telling him that the meeting hasn't even started yet, and the second time, at the lake, this time with Jimmy telling him that they haven't even gone out into the water yet.
  • This happens at the beginning of I Still Know What You Did Last Summer when the lead character has a nightmare whilst sleeping in class.
    "Nice to see you find Political Science so stimulating!"
  • In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry, Ron and Hermione hear Hagrid scream during Buckbeak's execution just after the thud of the executioners axe, for obvious reasons. Or so they think. It turns out that this was a scream of joy rather than agony, because Buckbeak did escape before anything could happen to him. The executioner did hit something else with his axe in frustration.
  • Used in the Arthur episode "Arthur's First Sleepover". On the night before a big sleepover, Arthur dreams that he and his friends, Buster and the Brain are having their sleepover, when D.W. shows up, telling Arthur that Mom told her to let him join their sleepover. Arthur then wakes up screaming, with Mom commenting to Dad in the other room, "I knew he'd get nightmares about all this talk about UFO's."
  • In South Park, when a regression therapist says:
    "I want the three of you to relax and think about... a cloud. A lone cloud, floating, changing. Light, cool air, blowing on the cloud. Float... AAAAH! AAAAH! Oh, sorry, I just had a weird gas bubble for a second."

EDIT again: In light of amazinglyenough's comment, I'm also open to discussion of whether or not this trope should be broadened, by how much, and why.
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