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Autopsy Bra
On the autopsy table, a woman's breasts do not fall into her armpits, so it looks as if she is still wearing her bra.
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Boobs are bouncy, jiggly, mobile things. They also tend to obey gravity without the help of a bra, and the larger they are, the more gravity affects them. If a lady lays on her back, they will tend to slide off to the sides of her chest and into her armpits, because breasts are largely sacks of fat only loosely connected to the muscle and bone beneath them.

Unless, of course, she's on an autopsy table on TV. If she hasn't already been cut open to avoid having to show any sort of breast tissue, her breasts will remain centered over her ribcage, just as if she were standing upright and perfectly healthy. She will also likely have a towel or similar draped over her breasts to keep the show Prime Time-friendly, but this is not about actually leaving a bra on the cadaver to maintain her modesty; it's about her breasts remaining in the "bra position" despite her being ostensibly naked beneath the towel.


I know I've seen all those shows (and probably more) do this, but if someone else knows exactly which episodes contain it (as opposed to a male Body of the Week or pre-cut female), I'd appreciate them being noted.

Is This Tropable? or is it a chair? It's never called attention to (unless the camera gets a case of Male Gaze and decides to film the medical examiner from such an angle as to have his face in half the frame and her towel-covered torso in the other half) and never has a story-based reason, but it's so often there and it's one of those things that just bugs me (kinda like the way Misplaced Wildlife bugs a biologist). You notice it once, and then you're noticing it everywhere.
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