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I Know That Prop

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In order to get their money's worth out of custom-made props, producers sometimes recycle them in subsequent movies and television shows. When this happens with film clips it is Stock Footage. See California Doubling for scenery that gets recycled.
  • Due to the wide scope of its franchise Star Trek does this all the time, with models and props made for the big budget movies being reused in the series (for instant the spacesuits made for Star Trek: First Contact were then used in Star Trek: Voyager) and sets used earlier in a series redressed into something else; e.g., the bombadier-like window of a spacecraft in one episode of Star Trek: Enterprise was reused as a portal to the Xindi aquarians the following season.
  • Firefly. In "The Train Job" the Alliance soldiers are wearing armor and helmets from Starship Troopers.
  • Just Imagine, a sci-fi musical from the 1930's had a lavish set costing a quarter million Depression-era dollars, but flopped in the theaters. Producers recouped some of their money by reusing Stock Footage of the cityscape in the Universal film serials Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, while Z-4's Rocket Plane was recycled as Zarkov's rocketship.
  • The colored "Michelin Man" spacesuits from Destination Moon were later used in cheaper sci-fi efforts like Flight to Mars, the TV series Space Patrol, and the spoof Amazon Women on the Moon.
  • The uniforms from Forbidden Planet were used in the sci-fi B-Movie Queen of Outer Space.
  • The 1970's series of Battlestar Galactica used the botanical ships from Silent Running as part of the rag-tag fleet fleeing the Cylon tyranny.

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