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Good Parents Are Doomed

Good parents are doomed to die, go missing or have their offspring taken away.

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In particularly unfair fiction, if a parent is kind and competent, then it's very likely they're going to die, go missing or have their offspring taken away, with the offspring usually going on to live with an Illegal Guardian.

Compare Reasonable Authority Figure, who also has excessively low life expectancy.


  • In Disney's Cinderella, the opening narration describes "a kind and devoted father who gave his child every luxury she wanted" and the sole reason he married Lady Tremaine was so Cinderella would have a mother. Once he dies, Tremaine shows her true colors.
  • In Silent Night, Deadly Night, Billy and his family visit Grandpa in the home and the second Billy is left alone with him, Grandpa scares the crap out of him with a crazy story about Santa Claus. On the ride home Billy tells his parents about this, but averting the usual horror tropes they actually believe him, which of course means they die shortly afterwards.


Video Games
  • The Warden's parents in the Human Noble origin in Dragon Age: Origins are very decent and caring people... who are killed soon after the game begins.
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