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Torsoless Nudity
When they just show someone naked's arms, legs, face and shoulders but the camera avoids the torso because that's where the naughty bits are.
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There are nudity taboos, especially in works that are supposed to have a lower rating. Legs, arms, shoulders, faces, all of these are fine to show bare, but a torso... that's where the naughty bits are.

Can include Toplessness from the Back and Dress Hits Floor.

Contrast Scenery Censor where the naughty bits are hidden by physical obstacles instead. Compare Shouldersup Nudity where one only see shoulders and above.


  • Love Mates (Änglar, finns dom?) used this and Toplessness from the Back.
  • Madagascar 2 used on Moto Moto the male hippo. Hippos have no fur so the lack of parts can not be explained by it being hidden under it. Instead they frame the shots in such a way that we never see the groin and the lack of parts.
  • Played with in The Nightmare Before Christmas, where Dr. Finklestein sees Sally's naked leg posed provocatively from around the corner. She had detached the leg as a distraction, and the rest of her was hopping around trying to help Jack.
  • Desperate Housewives when the Teri Hatcher character is locked out of her house naked and is eventually, despite her best efforts, spotted by her neighbours. In the best traditions of American network TV, the fact that she is naked is established by successive close-in shots of bare shoulders, arms, back, legs, feet.... everything except the contentious bits.
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