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Perverse Piercings
Flesh grafted to metal, without use apart from pain. Nightmare fuel that is used to best effect when in face.
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There is just something about the perverse unions of flesh and steel. The way it cuts, the pain it inflicts go deeper than the so-called pleasures in life, deeper than your soul.

uh...yeah. A trope that seems to be mostly associated with the aesthetic chosen by Industrial Rock artists and Horror Movies, Perverse Piercings may be an option if you are desperately in need for High Octane Nightmare Fuel and Body Horror. It is deeply in love with Hooks and Crooks. It is all about attaching metal to flesh in painful and/or abnormal ways. No, not to create a cyborg and it only applies to prosthetics if they are weird and/or painful enough. Mostly, because you can. Used to best effect in the face. In this case it sometimes overlaps with Braces of Orthodontic Overkill. Normal piercings need not apply, perhaps with the exception of a very...messy application of them. In a way, the "piercing" could be said to de-humanise the person in question.

Examples: Music:

- Music video to Lucifer by Behemoth:

- This Rammstein Poster:

Film: - The Cenobites in the whole Hellraiser series. Frank getting "pierced" before being ripped to shreds in the first movie:

Tabletop Games:

In Warhammer 40000 Dark Eldar love this. Their typical armor is usually pinned to their skin
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