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Dumped Back Into The Scrappy Heap
A character gets themselves rescued from the scrappy heap only to get themselves dumped back in.
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Sometimes, the writers can succeed in turning unlikable character into a genuinely good part of the show. Weither it is a Retool, Character Development or something else, the point is that the character used to be disliked, but now managed to redeem himself/herself in the eyes of the fandom, and is now genuinely liked...

Sadly, this isn't always permanant.

Sometimes, a character who had previously been Rescued from the Scrappy Heap can be turned back into a Scrappy. The reasons for this vary; maybe Status Quo Is God, so the writers don't allow the development to stick. Maybe the writers mistakingly believed the character's previous characterizations were better, and made a misguided attempt of Character Rerailment. Maybe the character starts acting stupid or unlikable again for the sake of the plot, because the story needs drama. Maybe there was a reboot and the Character Development was erased from existance. Or maybe this was even intentional because the writers needed a characters fans would hate.

Western Animation

  • Ultimate Spider-Man: once in a while, Spider-Man's teammates will get an episode focused on either them or one of them that actually gives them more elaborated characterizations and makes them more sympathetic. They usually are back to being obnoxious jackass the next episode.
    • The show itself could arguably be a large example; any time you get an episode with an interesting topic and good elements, you can expect the next one will be about something such as Spider-Man being turned into a pig.
  • Ben Tennyson, who had took a severe level in Dumbass and Jerkass in Ben 10: Omniverse, gradually got slightly better over the course of the second story arc, which was considered by many as Growing the Beard. Comes the third story arc, his maturity was dialed back again and he turned back into an obnoxious moron.
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