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Flaw In Creation
A fundamental error in reality that causes problems for our characters
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Somehow, somewhere, something went horribly wrong on a cosmic scale.

Maybe it's a Negative Space Wedgie. Maybe the Butterfly of Doom flapped its wings once too often. The point is, the universe isn't behaving as it should, and this is not a good thing for our protagonists. Whatever the "flaw" is will almost always be very vaguely-defined, but whatever it is, it's almost always causing the world to become more crapsack. If the "error" is personified, it will usually be an Eldritch Abomination. Correcting it may be a goal of the protagonists, but sometimes whatever it is is so far outside their ken that it's untouchable by them.

Anime and Manga:
  • The Idea of Evil from Berserk works something like this, with the twist that it was actually created by humanity. Essentially, human belief that there must be something wrong with the universe for the concept of suffering to exist caused this Eldritch Abomination to be Clap Your Hands If You Believe'd into existence for the express purpose of being that wrong thing.

Comic Books:
  • Grant Morrison seems to enjoy these.
    • The Big Bad of his Batman run, Doctor Hurt, claims to be "the hole in things" and "the piece that never fit." It's eventually revealed that he's not quite that bad, though he is a Humanoid Abomination.
    • Darkseid becomes one of these in Final Crisis; after his body was killed by Orion, he fell back in time and became a "black hole at the base of creation" that threatens to consume the entire multiverse. The series' other villain, Mandrakk, can be thought of as a metatextual version of this, as Word of God says he is essentially the personification of negative trends in the comic book industry itself.
    • In the Grand Finale of his New X-Men, set in a Bad Future, the Stepford Cuckoos make frequent reference to the fact that reality wasn't "supposed" to have gone down that path, and that there are "holes" in existence. In the final issue, the "hole" is revealed to be Cyclops quitting the X-Men; the Phoenix, which "burns away what doesn't work," sets things back on track.

Video Games:
  • According to Word of God from the makers of Shin Megami Tensei, one of these turned God evil. No more detail has been given, and indeed the "flaw" has never been mentioned in the games themselves, which has led some fans to speculate that the statement was an I Meant to Do That designed to make the games more appealing to Western audiences.
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