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Creator's Nobody
The creator of a crossover title fills in the title by including something no fan really wanted.
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In any given crossover title, the creator adds something that fans just didn't want, but helps the autor fill in for some Character Trope, like a Token Minority or a Shotoclone. These may be met with Hatedumb, to collective shrugs.

This is mostly based on Mascot Fighters. While all fans are clamoring for Character X for series Y to appear, the creator goes 'Hey this could be a unique moveset/story/model/whatever!' and adds Random NPC #28. This will naturally piss off fans. After a while, though, three types of fans remain:
  • Type 1: These will love the character and accept them.
  • Type 2: The Silent Majority, this will probably like the refreshing moveset/story/model/whatever, but will be left wondering if Character X could have appeared instead.
  • Type 3: The Vocal Minority, these will rage on forums and talk about sabotaging the final product or sending death threats to the author.
Examples: Super Smash Bros.' Jigglypuff, Mr. Game & Watch, R.O.B and Wii Fit Trainer. Basically, a 'wasted spot'.
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