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Double Standard Nudity
A nude female has to be censored while a nude male doesn't, even in the same situation.
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Picture the riots if this was a girl peeing

So you've decided to see the newest anime, Bob and the Seven Haremettes. You're having fun watching it, it's a bit Strictly Formula but it has some nice comedy. It eventually gets to the mandatory Onsen Episode, and you're hyped up to see Alice in the nude! But wait, what's this? Censor Steam is covering her entire body from the neck down? And then they change to the men side and you see Bob's bare butt. For half a minute. What the hell? This show is aimed at males, and there isn't a Periphery Demographic, so what gives?

You've fallen on a Double Standard that says men are not to be censored no matter how much they show, but women are, always. This can sometimes be explained as Naked People Are Funny but Naked Men Are Funnier; however, when the men are clearly being used in a sexual way, there's no excuse.

One explanation is female nudity is seen as alluring, whereas male nudity is not. In the West (generalizing broadly), any amount of nudity will ratchet up the rating on a product very quickly; so since there's no point limiting the potential audience for the sake of something not thought to appeal to them, most nudity seen in films and the like will be female. In the East, however, male nudity, especially that of children, is seen as harmless and funny, so it crops up more often than the more risque female equivalent.

Note that the trope is fulfilled ONLY if something is actually censored AND its opposite-sex equivalent is not. If one of the sexes has nothing to censor (i.e., various cuts of Superman either show or censor naked baby Clark Kent's junk but the same movie has no naked baby Supergirl to either show or censor), then there's no double standard.

Compare Right Through His Pants, Male Frontal Nudity.


Anime and Manga
  • Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi might be one of the most notable examples, simply because it's not even trying to hide how much they're playing up the Cute Shotaro Boy for Fanservice, yet he averts Nipple and Dimed and shows his bare butt while the girls get covered by streams of light. This turned the kid into a Base Breaker. A joke says if they're trying to boost DVD sales, they should censor him instead.
  • Oniichan No Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Ja Nain Dakara Ne pulled up a Censor Box at utterly random times... yet never to cover Shuusuke's butt. Or Shuusuke's huge nipples. Or Shuusuke's yaoi-ish scene.
  • Inukami! has the main guy ending naked and mistaken for a streaker as a Running Gag, there are plenty of manlyGay almost-nude extras and the Big Bad walks around showing his naked lower body... but the girls never go beyond the rare Swimsuit Episode, and any more is censored if given the case.
  • Is This a Zombie? (AKA Kore wa Zombie desu ka?) forces main guy Ayumu to crossdress as a Magical Girl and gives Panty Shots and other similar shots of him. While the TV series isn't as bad as the other examples (It's not used much and the girls do get some Fanservice too), the OVA falls squarely into this as they crank the Female Gaze Up to Eleven and there are lots of shots of his ass the entire episode, yet the girls get much less Male Gaze (And it's tamer overall).
  • Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu is a non-nudity variant: Not counting how much they play Hideyoshi up, there's all the yaoi scenes involving Akihisa, who is also forced to crossdress at least twice. The girls get one of two breast-focused shots and the rare cosplay. It was so bad, the Pool Episode showed more of Hideyoshi than all of the girls put together!
  • Entirely averted in Berserk. Apparently stories set in Crapsack World Medieval Stasis make a point of showing all nudity equally.
  • The Onsen Episode of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Do we get to see female nudity? Nope. But we sure get to look at Simon and Kamina's asses. Even worse, the expanded DVD version adds... Gimmy's shota penis, but no female nudity. At least the manga adaptation does have some actual female fanservice to compensate...
  • Little boys' genitalia in particular seem to be regarded as utterly nonsexual. Goku's can be seen several times throughout the course of Dragon Ball (He's 12 at the time, but drawn in a very childlike way). However, Dragon Ball Kai censors baby Goku's "dragon" and "balls".
  • Photon gets the same treatment of little boy genitalia being left uncensored.
  • Ditto Shin-chan.
  • In One Piece, the author didn't mind showing us Franky's hairy ass in a gag that lasted for two chapters. Same goes for Luffy and Usopp, who are not nearly as Squick - Usopp's ass being showed off in a bath scene and Luffy's ass being showed off in both the aforementioned bath scene and the hilarious "golden balls" scene. However, when the female characters, especially Nami, are bathing, we don't get to see anything that can't be seen when they are clothed (they are often wearing quite skimpy clothes though). No genitals (not shown at the male characters either, however), no nipples, not even an ass shot. The Anime shows Nami's ass a few times, though.

Live-Action TV

Real Life
  • Men can walk around bare-chested, nipples out for the world to see, without risk of getting fined with indecent exposure. Women cannot, by and large. The topfreedom movement seeks to redress this balance.
  • Subverted in a lot of countries. In Spain, the public TV sometimes shows women without any undergarments. The beaches are full of women without top undergarments. But showing male reproductive organ in full display is objectionable.

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