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Magical Girl Genre

Works which feature one or more MagicalGirl(s) as the main protagonist

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(Splitting from Magical Girl as discussed in TRS)

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The genre, born out of Manga and Anime, which features the Magical Girl as its main protagonist(s). While it's rare for Magical Girls to appear outside the Magical Girl Genre, it does happen, and the genre follows many conventions besides simply having Magical Girls in it. These include:

While this is the standard blueprint of the modern Magical Girl series, when the genre was first starting out, "mahou shoujo" in Japan actually meant something more akin to Cute Witch. The characters in these early show just as often had to solve mundane life problems with their magic as much as or more than fantastical challenges or dastardly villains. It wasn't until after Sailor Moon became a smash hit in Japan it became the modern Trope Codifier and shifted the trend to Magical Girl Warrior characters. The Magic Idol Singer shares Magical Girl Tropes with the genre including the transforming girls (usually an Older Alter Ego) but is more of a cousin than a direct descendant and are better covered on their own page.

For more common factors, see Magical Girl Tropes.



Two series claim the title of being the first Magical Girl series, and both of them actually claim inspiration from the American live-action Sitcom, Bewitched. Both of course were of the Cute Witch variety.

Cute Witch Style

Magical Girl Warrior Style

  • 1991 saw mangaka Naoko Takeuchi introduce Codename: Sailor V, the first "official" Magical Girl Warrior story. Minako Aino finds a talking cat, Artemis, with a crescent moon on his forehead, who reveals that Minako is a sailor-suited magical soldier of justice with a connection to the planet Venus. If this premise sounds familiar, it's because the series led to Toei Animation commissioning the More Popular Spinoff...
  • ...Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. In which Usagi Tuskino finds the talking cat with a crescent moon on its forehead named Luna, who reveals she, and the rest of the Five-Man Band to follow, are the reincarnations of soldiers of the ancient Moon Kingdom. Sailor V joins the team partway though the series as Sailor Venus. The manga and anime totaled five seasons, spawned a host of adapatations and in spite of often Bowlderized localization, was a Gateway Series for many international anime fans.



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