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Jump Scare

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Unless anyone objects, I'll launch this in a few hours.

Building up suspense without boring the audience is not easy. So what can one do when not up to the task? Make ''anything'' jump out of nowhere to catch everyone off guard. This is guaranteed to be effective because who doesn't react to the volume suddenly cranking up to eleven and twenty pounds of gory makeup filling the entire screen? In a way, jump scares are a close relative of Gorn because both tend to be used as substitutes for actual suspense and have become the dominating trend for horror in the past decade.

Unfortunately even jump scares can be handled poorly. Films often have obvious "safe scenes" where the audience knows nothing interesting will actually happen, and very few horror movies use this predisposition to their advantage. Using too many jump scares will also make them more of a nuisance than a genuine scare.

Sometimes overlaps with Mirror Scare and Spring-Loaded Corpse. For the softer approach, see Cat Scare.

Since jump scares are so prevalent in the horror genre and even outside it, this page will not have any examples.
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