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Bringing Running Shoes To A Car Chase
Character in a car is pursued by character on foot
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The expected usual ingredients for a car chase are at least one chaser, at least one fugitive, and at least two cars. Not this time. For one reason or another, the chaser is on foot. In Real Life, this would likely lead to quite a short chase and a cheery wave in the rear view mirror from the fugitive (unless they got in a traffic jam). In the movies, however, count on terrible gridlock, the chaser either knowing the streets really well and thus able to take shortcuts (expect some Le Parkour), being able to hitch (temporary) rides on other passing vehicles (may involve Hood Hopping and Outside Ride), or even having a Super Speed.

Sometimes just the lead in to a normal car chase - this trope is in play until averted by the chaser getting hold of a car of their own. May sometimes be inverted: someone on a vehicle chasing someone else on foot.

(Trope title from Sean Connery in The Untouchables - "Isn't that just like a wop. Brings a knife to a gunfight.")

Compare Racing the Train. Related is Pedestrian Crushes Car.


Anime and Manga
  • Roberta of Black Lagoon does this to the Lagoon crew, overtaking their vehicle at a dead run and leaping right on the rear with a trench knife. There's a reason she's often compared to the Terminator.
  • Once in Skip Beat!, Kyoko managed to catch up to a manager's car on foot due to her quasi supernatural abilities.

  • In two separate Sin City stories, main characters rush after cars on foot. In Family Values, Miho uses rollerblades to achieve this goal and in Just another Saturday Night, Marv runs after the car but quickly leaps on soon after.
  • The Golden Age Flash discovered his powers by doing this successfully. Needs moar context

  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The T-1000 does a pretty good job of chasing the heroes despite being on foot. Robert Patrick makes it look like he really could keep up with a speeding car.
  • I have a vague memory of Mel Gibson doing this, possibly in the first Lethal Weapon movie? Needs clarification
  • In The Return of The Pink Panther, the cabbie responds to Inspector Clouseau's command to Follow That Car by climbing out of the cab and chasing the car on foot.
  • As soon as he gets his new physique in Captain America: The First Avenger, Steve Rogers takes off after a bad guy. Bad guy steals a car and Steve runs after him and catches up. Then, Up to Eleven, the bad guy climbs into a submarine and Steve swims after him and catches him.
  • Men In Black. When the Bug escapes from J and K in a cab, J runs after the cab on foot. K sensibly goes to get their car and picks up J.
  • Woody attempts to chase after a train on foot at the beginning of Toy Story 3. It works as well as one would expect a toy cowboy to. He's not truly able to catch up to the train until he gets access to Barbie's car.
  • In the film Watermelon Man - about a white man who turns black overnight for no discernable reason - Jeff's morning workout is running along with a bus on the way to work (instead of just taking the bus). After he turns black he gets stopped by the cops for Running While Black. They assume he stole something - why else would he be running?
  • In the film Superman teenage Clark Kent races a train.
  • In the opening scene of The One, the antagonist outruns a police car on foot.

  • Old joke: "I'm not so concerned about my dog chasing cars, it's when he brings 'em home and buries 'em in the yard that I start to get worried."

Live-Action TV
  • In Alphas, Bill channels his Super Strength into his legs in order to chase down a car.
  • In an episode of TheX-Files, entitled Unruhe, the antagonist of the week steals the pair's car and kidnaps Scully. Mulder manages to keep up on foot for about two blocks.
  • Top Gear did a challenge in which Clarkson had to drive a car around the course of the London Marathon, while a runner did it on foot. The runner won.
  • In an episode of Get Smart Max wants to catch a KAOS agent who has driven off so he tells a CONTROL agent extra leaning on an auto to "Follow That Car!" - which he does by taking off running. This was the birth of Larrabee, the agent so dumb that he's able to force CONTROL to keep Max on the payroll (because if Max was fired, Larrabee would have to be promoted to Max's job).

Video Games
  • Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends frequently have to chase vehicles down. Examples include a red car speeding down Metal City carrying treasure in Sonic Riders, the Egg Hammer Mark II in Sonic Advance 2 (essentially a convertible with a giant hammer in the back), a train with a bomb strapped to it in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), the Frigate Orcan and the Skullian blimp in Sonic Colors, and a modified race car out of curiosity in Sonic X. The most famous example is an inversion though: In Sonic Adventure 2 (and Sonic Generations), a paramilitary force sends a gigantic truck after Sonic, who then has to run for his life until the truck crashes into something and incapacitates itself.
  • Mega Man X4: Slash Beast introduces himself by running besides a speeding train and then jumps onto the train car you're on.
  • In Neverwinter Nights, the flavor text for the Boots of Speed says that the original pair was used by an assassin who would chase down horseback riders with them, shouting a battlecry of "You can hide, but you can't run!"

Western Animation
  • In the animated adaptation of Batman: Year One, Bruce Wayne (not as Batman) chases a car on foot, going as far as to run on rooftops and jump down onto another truck.
  • One episode of Cow and Chicken ends with The Red Guy chasing after a car and some bicyclists on foot. Inverted as well, as some cops are pursuing him in a car for exceeding the speed limit (somehow). All four parties are traveling at the exact same speed.
  • Extreme example: One episode of The Simpsons has Sideshow Bob steal a replica of the Wright brothers' flyer, only for an Air Force base to send two jets after it. However, as the jets go too fast, one pilot suggest getting out and walking, with the scene cutting to them doing just that, jogging alongside the flyer with one hand reaching up.
    • Homer has become friends with Ned Flanders, but the Flanders family doesn't want him being so friendly. Ned bursts out of his garage with his family and starts speeding down the road, with Homer chasing after him. He's able to keep up until Ned pulls an escape by train.
  • Cow and Chicken.
    • In "The King and Queen of Cheese", Chicken notices Cow has dropped her Crabs the Warthog doll on the platform at the train station after she has already boarded the train and it has left; he chases after the train on foot - all the way to Arkansas - to give her her doll.
    • In "Cow and Chicken Recycling", a pair of art thieves rob Red Guy's museum under the cover of darkness, but after they take off in their getaway truck, Red chases after them on foot - and can surprisingly run as fast as they drive.

Real Life
  • The first recorded automobile chase in America took place in the 1860s. The police officer was on foot. Of course, automobiles of that time were far slower than today's.
  • Le Parkour came about because some urban areas in France have such congested traffic problems that running, hopping, and bouncing across places would be faster than driving. Le Parkour experts have put this to a test by chasing or racing someone in an automobile. This happened in Casino Royale where a man on foot was able to keep up with James Bond in a car because Bond had to take longer paths on asphalt roads.

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