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Hands Off Dictator
A ruler who uses fiat to establish and maintain economic and/or social freedoms in their society
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  • Vetinari in Discworld. He encouraged the immigration of trolls and dwarfs, carefully protects free speech and the rights of most prisoners, and is adamantly opposed to Ankh-Morpork becoming an empire again.
  • Mr. House in Fallout: New Vegas, at least before the player starts working for him.
  • In NationStates, a "Benevolent Dictatorship" is defined as a state that seeks to maximize both civil rights and economic freedoms, but minimize political freedoms. It's descibed in the game as:
    • "A dictatorship ruled by someone who pays no attention to the people and allows them to do whatever they want, except challenge the government."
    • "Citizens enjoy great individual freedoms in everything except elections, which, where they exist at all, are populist shams for a dictatorship government that has no intention of ever giving up power."
Real Life
  • In John Stossel's Is America Number One: The Environment For Success, Stossel portrays Hong Kong under British rule as this.
  • It's said that when Gaozu first took Xianyang, he told the people all laws were abrogated except those against assault and theft. This, of course, didn't last once he had to set up an actual state.
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