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All Boys Like Reptiles
If someone is especially fond of reptiles, they are almost always a grade-school male.

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Many would think Reptiles Are Abhorrent, but not Bob! Whether it be lizards, snakes, dinosaurs or dragons (turtles too, but everyone loves those), he thinks they're just the coolest things on the planet. You're a wuss if you don't agree with him.

The Spear Counterpart to All Girls Like Ponies. The morality of said boy often varies. He may just be an innocent everyday kid who loves his bearded dragon and thinks dinosaurs are cool, or an Enfant Terrible who feeds his giant snake cute living animals, and he watches snake suffocate and devour the fuzzy critter for his own amusement. Either way, expect Bob to try to taunt girls with the wild lizard he found near the pond in order to gross them out, though amphibians can take that role too.
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