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Screw Practicality, I Have Money!
When a person is so insanely rich, that they go the most expensive means possible over something simpler and less costly to get something done.
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A family that fits this trope gets chauffeured everywhere, even right next door. Their meals are cooked from the rarest, most exotic animals known to man and are fortified with rare and expensive gems. They'll wear overly extravagant clothes every day made from the finest materials the world can provide, but each article of clothing is only ever worn once before being thrown out with the rest of the trash. Why would any sane human-being waste so much money, because they're so damn rich! A million bucks to people like this is what a dime is to the rest of us. Expect people under this trope to be so out of touch with the rest of humanity, that the idea of even getting up to turn on the TV seems absolutely foreign to them.

Examples include London from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody who's so spoiled rotten from her father's wealth, that she thinks wearing the same pearl necklace from yesterday counts as recycling. There's also Momoka's family from Sgt. Frog who's so guilty of this trope, you wouldn't even be able to list all she's done with her wealth on here.
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