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The inverse of YMMV

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(Note that this does not negate a YMMV claim of a trope. A YMMV is still YMMV, because of the fact fact that it can be be subjective)

Normally, if a trope is YMMV, it can be lampshaded, justified, or otherwise played with. But another way of playing with it, would be to reduce the amount in which a trope is up to the viewer. That is, rather than release it up to the viewer, the trope is As Advertised. It is clearly spelled out by the plot, or the cast, or both. Hell Is That Noise is a clanging sound or creepy chanting which is clearly meant to unsettle the audience, and (even if it doesn't) at least unsettles the cast. Mary Sue would be a character mentioned in a flashback or Fairy Tale, who pretty much ruins the story for the in-universe listeners.

When this refers to the title of a film, book, or other source (rather than to denote a subjective trope applied non-subjectively), this would be Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Also, not to be confused with a Justified Trope, since it refers not to the trope itself but its YMMV nature.

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