Sparks equals repair work
A simple way to demonstrate repair work is being done, showing sparks being given off

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Repair work occasionally gives off smoke (soldering irons) but only welding generally gives of sparks. Not so in the land of fiction, any kind of repair work, from mechanical systems to delicate electronics with give off white hot sparks, which would in reality cause massive damage.

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  • Multiple times in Batman Beyond, usually with complicated electronics.
  • In The Dr. Steel Show Episode 3, Doctor Steel is seen from behind bending over a work bench, where spark sounds are heard and flashes of light are seen. He later explains that he was repairing one of his dolls.
  • Happens a few times in the Star Wars saga when Han or Chewie are repairing the Millennium Falcon.
  • In some of the Opening Credits to Babylon 5 (it changed every year) we see some spacesuited people working on the station with sparks flying.
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