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Gardening Variety Weapon
Weapon Of Choice not available? Why not a gardening tool to do the trick?
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Let's say you're not one for fancy weaponry. All these available weapons look hard to use...oh! A shovel! That's it!

Gardening-Variety Weapon is when a character (not necessarily incompetent with more traditional weapons) turns a mundane garden tool into a competent weapon.

Truth in Television: Many modern weapons are derived from garden tools.

A subtrope of Weapon of Choice and Improbable Weapon User. Supertrope of Shovel Strike, Machete Mayhem, and Sinister Scythe. See also Sai Guy, when an agricultural tool becomes widely known as a weapon.

[[folder: Anime and Manga]]
  • Shinigamis (sans Undertakers) from Black Butler have gardening tools as weapons.
  • Suiseiseki and Souseiseki from Rozen Maiden use a watering can and a pair of giant shears respectively. Suiseiseki can use her watering can to make plants grow and manipulate them, while Souseiseki's shears are used like a melee weapon.

  • In a montage in V for Vendetta a Fingerman shoots a preteen girl dead for graffitiing V's symbol on a wall. He gets surrounded by angry townsfolk who could give a crap about his badge, and the scene does a Gory Discretion Shot as one of them swings a shovel at him.
  • Braindead AKA Dead Alive is most famous for the scene where the protagonist straps himself to a lawnmower to... erm... mow down the undead.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
  • In It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Dennis and Dee are trying to get into the mind of a serial killer, so they decide to figure how they would go about committing a murder. They wind up getting a pair of gardening shears, content that they would cut through bone.

  • In Journey to the West, the pig Zhu Bajie uses a gardening rake as his Weapon Of Choice.
  • In the beginning of The Wheel of Time: The Gathering Storm, an ex-soldier farmer tells his neighbor to rework his scythes into polearms or a sword in preparation for the upcoming Last Battle. Several peasant armies are seen throughout the series using such rudimentary weapons, but they tend not to do well, especially against trained soldiers.

[[folder:Video Games]]
  • In Ultima VII, a farmer near Britain complains that he brought his broken hoe to a mage to be repaired, but it got mixed up with a sword that was supposed to be enchanted, resulting in the Hoe of Destruction, which you can retrieve from his shed.
  • Mass Effect 2: according to the Shadow Broker's files, Mordin once killed a Krogan by stabbing him in the eye with a pitchfork.
  • Dead Rising emphasizes improvised weapons that you find in a mall. As such, this trope comes into play with mostly joke weapons like rakes or the like, but certain ones can be effective or turned into other weapons.
  • Jagged Alliance: The character "Unnecessarily Ruthless" Reuban got the "Ruthless" part of his name for wiping out his own family with a cordless hedge trimmer. The "Unnecessarily" bit was added because, during the process, he had to recharge the appliance twice. The hedge trimmer in question is actually in-game as a melee weapon, and Reuban gets some added lines when using it.
  • The Dark Souls expansion has living plant creatures that use gardening tools to maintain a massive garden and assault wandering adventurers.
  • Plants vs. Zombies allows you to purchase a rake which will kill the first zombie who steps on it. Additionally, each of your rows has a lawnmower which, as soon as one reaches the end of the row, will activate, clearing out all the zombies in the row.[[/folder]]

  • In Rusty and Co., Madeline the Paladin is all about this. She first shows up wielding an alleged "holy avenger" which turns out to be a simple hoe. Then the gnome who originally sold her the hoe shows up offering a "+1 trident" which is actually a rake. When Madeline reappears in a later scene, she's armed with a spade.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
  • In Robot Chicken, one episode has Bob Barker become a vigilante pet spayer/neuterer. His weapon of choice? A pair of hedge clippers.

[[folder:Real Life]]
  • War scythes and Billhooks. The Billhook article also mentions that Finnish combat engineers are issued with billhooks rather than entrenching tools.
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