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Heroism: It's not just for the Five Races anymore!
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Life is tough for a wandering monster. Not only do you have to live in a dungeon with no new energy entering the ecosystem, but you could be killed by treasure hunters at any time. Can't be a fun existence.

But wait! The adventurers are in an environment just as dangerous, and they live a lot longer! They get all those nifty healing potions and shiny swords and glamorous quests! People respect them! They're at the top of the world! Well, to the thinking monster, there's only one thing to do. Become an adventurer yourself!

Not that this is not for Mons, Pet Monstrosities, or Monster Allies; we have tropes for those. This is when a lone adventurer, an entire party, or at the very least a core party member are of a 'monster*' species. By definition either a Reluctant Monster or a Defector from Decadence, a Monster Adventurer might also be a Horrifying Hero depending on how monstrous they are. See also Friendly Neighborhood Vampire for the civilian version.

Note that this trope only applies when there's an Always Chaotic Evil morality for the Monster Adventurers to break free from, otherwise they're just normal adventurers of an unusual species.

[[hottip:*:"Monster" here meaning "normally Always Chaotic Evil in this verse".]]


  • Drizzt Do'Urden of The Dark Elf Trilogy. His father Zaknafein might have become one, had he lived long enough to break free of Menzoberranzan as Drizzt did.


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