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Quirky Ally Squad (Working Title)
Heroic Equivalent of Quirky Miniboss Squad
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A Sub-Trope of A Day in the Limelight

A group of recurring allies who are less serious then the main cast.

The Hero is on a quest to defeat the Big Bad but is hampered by that lovable group of idiots, no Iím not talking about the Quirky Miniboss Squad, no these are the heroes allies.

Requirements are:

Anime and Manga
  • Saint Seiya: the Steel Saints, a trio of younger (than our early teens main cast) fellows in technological Cloth, pretty much filler for the anime.

  • Bleach has episodes revolving around the posse of Ichigo's friend and sister.

  • Team Ebisu On Naruto, they are younguer than the main cast, and on the first part they were mostly just wandering around, and Konohamaru trying to catch Naruto Off-guard, as he declared him to be his friendly rival

  • Odaiba Cop fans Sayo and Masato in Super Gals.

  • This was a popular trope in The Golden Age Of Comic Books, with several heroes getting goofy cliques of "allies" or sidekicks who were mostly Played for Laughs.
    • The Golden Age Flash had the Three Dimwits, [[Expy Expies]] of The Three Stooges who helped him fight crime on occasion. Later in the 1940s, the Flash sometimes had adventures that involved the Liars' Club of Keystone City.
    • The Golden Age Daredevil, not to be confused with the Marvel Comics character, has the L'il Wiseguys. Evnually they got popular enough to take over his comic entirely.
    • The gimmick of the Newsboy Legion was an inversion: the goofy kids were the protagonists, but most of the battles were won by their ally-turned superhero adult friend, Jim Harper, in his role as the Guardian. In the Bronze Age Of Comic Books this trope was played straight as youthful sons/clones of the original Newsboys were treated as much less important to the plots than the Guardian. Once The Modern Age of Comic Books rolled around, the Guardian simply began appearing without them.
  • In The Adventures of Tintin, Tintin and Captain Haddock have a group of quirky allies including Professor Calculus and the Defective Detective pair of Thomson and Thompson.
  • This is how Keith Giffen usually portrays the Legion of Substitute Heroes, who are otherwise treated as underpowered but basically "straight" superheroes.
  • As befits its Retraux aesthetic, Tom Strong features this. While Tom's wife Dahlua and daughter Tesla are played straight, the Strongmen of America, the robot Pneuman, and talking gorilla Solomon are generally Played for Laughs with only occasional moments of seriousness.


  • X Files has the Lone Gunmen They're not exactly comic relief, but they're certainly Crazier Than Mulder, which pretty much counts

Video Games

  • Suikoden V has Isabel and Mathias, of the Maximillion Knights, and Wilhelm and Mueller of the Lindwurm Mercenary Brigade serve this function.
    • Mathias and Isabel are frequently seen searching for "evil underfoot" to be vanquished (until they're recruited) with Mathias decreeing to dispose of all loathsome corpses in different bodies of water.
    • Wilhelm and Mueller act as the funny man/straight man pair, which has Mueller abiding Wilhelm's antics while bemoaning them at the same time out of concern that his womanizing could effect the brigade's reputation.

  • The Toad Brigade from Super Mario Galaxy

  • Earthbound has the Runaway Five. The sequel, Mother3, has Expy versions in the DCMC.


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